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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  December 20, 2016 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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hello, this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: late drama as sadio mane scores in the 94th minute to hand liverpool a 1—0 win over everton. karun nair writes his name into the history books with a triple century as india take control of the fifth and final test against england. and mo farah says he wants to master the marathon when he steps off the running track. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with news from the english premier league where the merseyside derby between everton and liverpool finished with late drama on monday. liverpool's sadio mane scored in the 94th minute to hand jurgen klopp‘s side a 1—0 victory taking them second six points behind leaders chelsea. everton‘s ross barkley was arguably lucky not to be given a red card for his second half challenge onjordan henderson but it mattered little in the end as senegal striker mane put the ball in the net, much to the delight of his manager.
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we could have scored only. we had a lot of chances but the most important thing is we didn't give one chance away i think. so it's quite difficult against an opponent who only want to disturb your game. so, yeah, not the hardest shot from daniel but hard enough and mane with his speed can finish the situation. wonderful feeling. his speed can finish the situation. wonderfulfeeling. really good. it's good. i know exactly how fast mane is. he was reacting the fastest on the pitch and 0k, mane is. he was reacting the fastest on the pitch and ok, it's the post, and it's coming back and 0k, we did not deserve that goal because i think the team performance was outstanding. can i ask you about ross barkley and the challenge on jordan henderson, it looked pretty nasty from where we were, is it fair
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to say he was lucky to stay on the pitch? maybe, i don't know, i know it was a hard tackle. but i need to watch the clip to have really an opinion about whether it's yellow already, but it was a hard tackle. —— alone or read. —— yellow or red. also late drama in spain's primera division where athletic bilbao secured a 2—1 win against celta vigo. both of the hosts goals came in the last eight minutes moving them to within two points of sixth placed atletico madrid heading into the winter break. celta vigo took the lead shortly after half time when iago aspas scored before an aritz aduriz penalty and a late mikel sanjose goal saw bilbao take all three points. italy coach gian piero ventura will talk to forward mario balotelli about the possibility ofjoining the team before the azzurri's next set of matches in march. balotelli has revived his career in france, scoring eight goals in as many matches for nice, but hasn't played for italy since the 2014 world cup. it was a historic day for india in the fifth and final
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test against england. karun nair scored a triple century to help the hosts reach their highest score in test cricket with india once again showing just why they are the top ranked test team in the world. nair came into the match having scored just 17 runs in two test innings and became just the second indian ever to score a test 300. but conversely it was a highly disappointing day in the field for alastair cook's men in chennai. india's 759 for seven declared was the most runs that england have ever conceded. it never took place in our mind because after two or three the team management had certain plans of declaring. within the space of five overs i think i got to 280,285, that's when i started thinking and the captain was aching me onto not throw it away and get to the 300 easily. my game doesn't change much,
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it's just the mental approach that changes and in test matches you have a lot more time to get set and then play big. the approach doesn't change much at all, i don't play different shots in any other format, ijust different shots in any other format, i just play the same way. different shots in any other format, ijust play the same way. the pitch has been good all four days and it is slowly deteriorating and there are footmarks there so we just have to bowl well and get the wickets. good bowling gets you wickets on any wicket. the one thing i would say about these guys over the seven tests we've just played is their character. we've been in a few tough situations over those seven tests and we've come out and played well the next day after a bad day or a bad session or two. they want to finish this. we're out there to win this. the last couple of test matches. they won't want to get on the plane in a couple of days time having lost another test match.
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they'll want to bat as well as they possibly can to that out the three sessions. —— bat out. australia survived a mighty scare in brisbane after pakistan felljust 39 runs short of completing what would have been a world record run chase in the first test of their series. the tourists, who were set a target of 490, began the final day of the day night test on 382—8. victory was almost achieved until asad shafiq fell for 137 and four balls later yasir shah was run out by steve smith as pakistan finished on 450. team sky boss sir dave brailsford has told a house of commons select committee in the uk that a package delivered to his team at the 2011 criterium du dauphine, won by sir bradley wiggins, contained a decongestant. a british newspaper allegation had put team sky under pressure to reveal the contents of the package, but they couldn't until now because of an ongoing uk anti—doping investigation. brailsford told a culture, media and sport select committee that the package contained fluimucil, a substance not banned by authorities. there's always listens to be learned
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and you've got to start with yourself. i've looked at myself long and hard in the mirrorand yourself. i've looked at myself long and hard in the mirror and thought about this carefully in terms of how i've personally handled the situation and i think i could have done a lot better quite frankly and i would like to think in performance terms we've done pretty well, but on this occasion the way i managed this, like i said, i would start with myself first and not look at anybody else. we run a fantastic operation, we've got fantastic people. they are of the higher standards and they've got great integrity and they've quite frankly don't deserve to have this shadow cast over them. next year's bobsleigh and skeleton world championships will be held in the german resort of koeniggsay. that's after the original venue, the 2014 winter olympic city of sochi, was stripped of the rights to stage it following allegations surrounding russian state sponsored doping. the event takes place from february 13th.
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frenchman cyprien sarrazin upset the form book to win the parallel giant slalom in alta badia on only his seventh world cup start. the 22—year—old's feat was even more impressive as he lost one of his ski poles in the final with switzerland's carlo janka, the giant slalom olympic champion at vancouver in 2010. held over several rounds with two skiers racing against each other simultaneously on a shortened course, one of the early losers was five—time overall world cup champion marcel hirscher. kjetiljansrud's third—place finish, the norwegian beating compatriot leif kristian haugen, saw him close the gap on overall world cup leader hirscher to 171 points. mo farah says he has unfinished business with the marathon but accepts its going to take him time to master the distance when he walks away from the track after next yea r‘s world championships. farah‘s titles in the 5,000 and 10,000 metres and five
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world championships makes him one of the greatest distance runners of all time. he ran a relatively disappointing time of two hours, eight minutes and 21 seconds in his only marathon in london in 2014 and says he can do better. i want to do it. i believe i have to learn about the event, i have to understand what it takes. 0n good on the track and it's taken me years to get that out of myself and the same thing on the road, it's nice to be able to see what i can do on the road. i ran my first marathon two hours and eight minutes, not great. i work closely with the guys in terms of testing equipment and stuff and it's great that they're looking that far ahead because i believe, you know, if you do get ready for it it is possible but i don't know how long it will take. i don't know if
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it will be one year, two years, three years, but if you try hard then it's possible. sometimes making the extra effort can cruelly go against you and that's exactly what happened to a goalkeeper in the greek super league on monday. pas giannina were playing aek athens at the olympic stadium and giannina's kostas peristeridis had earlier saved a penalty, was feeling confident, and thought he'd kept the ball from going out for a corner here only to lose control and see the ball eventually make its way to the feet of rodrigo galo although there may have been a case for a penalty had the ball not found the net. the good news? giannina did equalise in the 90th minute and snatched a draw. you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there.
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0ur weather is set to undergo a marked change in conditions over the next 36 hours to take us through the rest of the week, with wetter and windier spells set to work their way in. pushing this change is a jetstream that is now roaring into life out of north america, charging across the atlantic towards us. and with some pretty high speeds in amongst thatjetstream it will whip up some deep areas of low pressure very close to the uk later this week and to take us into the christmas weekend, one system after another. we will keep you updated, of course, on all those details as we get closer. 0ut there today, though, it is still a fairly quiet, benign picture. to the south and east of the front, it is largely frost free, with patchy rain and drizzle on the front.
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we start the day in scotland and northern ireland with the chilly conditions, widespread frost, and some patches of mist and fog. much of scotland will be fog free but lots of frost around first thing. lots of sunshine too. first hints of a change as the breeze picking up in the hebrides to begin the morning. winds in northern ireland to begin with. they will shift later as the breeze picks up. not too much problem with the wind across england and wales. fairly light winds here. but compared with recent days, not as misty, a few breaks in the cloud for central and eastern england. to the west, around here, cloudy outbreaks of rain. that will be around that same areas all day long. away from that, central and eastern england, more sunshine than recent days but heavy showers on the south coast. still some brightness for eastern scotland through the day. turning wetter and windier for northern ireland and western scotland. gales or severe gales developing here to finish the day. wet and windy weather into england and wales into wednesday morning. that will open the door to cold air and clear skies with showers for wednesday in scotland.
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and along the little front on wednesday the wind will pick up. that could cause a few travel issues. if you are heading out across scotland and northern ireland on wednesday, gales, severe gales at times as wind accompanies the showers, dropping snow notjust on the hills but at lower levels at times in the far north. on wednesday, northern england, the midlands, wales, dry and bright. fairly cloudy in the south with occasional rain. that will clear into thursday. better weather on thursday, less breezy. a bit chillier, especially further north, with a noticeable breeze. and some further showers at times. then stormy weather into the end of the week. and as christmas approaches, a deep area of low pressure pushes north—west. if your travel plans are weather dependent, keep tuned to the forecast. a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name's mike embley. our top stories: death on the streets of berlin. 12 people are killed, 48 injured as a truck is driven into a crowded christmas market. german police say the man who was apparently driving the truck is under arrest.
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a passenger was found dead in the cab. russia's ambassador to turkey is shot dead by an off—duty policeman. moscow calls it an act of terrorism. and, it's official — the electoral college confirms the vote. donald trump will be the next president of the united states. hello.
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